Lesbians Everywhere – The Sublime and Spirited Voyage of Original Sin

The Sublime and Spirited Voyage of Original Sin by Colette Moody


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The moment I realize the proportion of lesbians is greater than straight women in a book is the moment I realize I love that book. And I love this book.

The novel follows Gayle Malvern, the daughter of Madman Malvern who is the captain of the pirate ship Original Sin. After an attack left Madman Malvern crippled, Gayle takes over as acting captain and sends a team to kidnap a doctor from the nearby city. The seamstress Celia Pierce, the fiancé of a boring conceited doctor, tells the team that the doctor is away and is taken in his place to sew wounds. After being treated well and protected by Gayle, Celia decides to spend more time with the crew instead of going back to her good-for-nothing fiancé. And finds out she’s a lesbian.

It took only a few pages for me to love Gayle. She’s a confident and competent leader, and is quick to take action. But perhaps the best quality in Gayle is that she’s witty. The hilarity in her lines hit hard and fast, whether she’s bantering with her crew, repelling the tavern wench (remember what I said about the proportion of lesbians?), or fabulously trying to get into Celia’s pants.

The wittiness doesn’t just stop with Gayle either. Pretty much every character is witty, and the author has a knack for coming up with the comedic exchanges that kept me either laughing to myself or shaking as I tried to hold it in the subway.

Celia gives a fresh sense of adventure with her curiosity of the new world she discovers, and instead of worrying about her horrid husband she basically goes “screw that guy, this seems a lot more fun”. It didn’t take her long to start having the hots for Gayle after finding out that she’s a lesbian, and it’s pretty funny and adorable watching her squirm as she tried to keep her lust to herself. Though sometimes it makes me scream “JUST FUCK HER ALREADY!”.

Overall, this is a great book. There’s a lot of adventuring, “wenching”, and action sprinkled throughout, and the suspense is enough to keep the story going but not too much that it overwhelms the lighthearted and funny mood. The plot could afford to be a little more complicated, but that’s not the main draw of the story and keeping it simple like this probably works out best. It’s fun to watch Gayle kick some ass then go below the deck to kiss some ass. And seriously, of all the women we meet, only one of them is straight – Molly, who is badass in her own right. I heartily recommend this to everyone.

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Anya Archer is a novelist and a student of Kalamazoo College. Her debut novel, Sweets & Steel, revolves around transgender issues and is slated for a release in 2015.

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