Sweets & Steel

Alice – a transgender girlĀ still coming to terms with herself. Shy and scared of the world, she slowly starts to explore her new path with her newfound friends at the Crescent Teahouse. But why is she drawn to Flan, the mysterious and crazy girl with a violent streak?

Flan – a mecha test pilot for an experimental exoskeleton-powered mechanical suit. Left alone after having her family violently stripped away from her, she clings on to a tiny shred of humanity at the Crescent Teahouse. Straightforward and rash, Flan couldn’t stand dealing with Alice’s cowardice when facing the world. But something inside of her yearns to be closer to the teahouse’s newcomer.

Sweets & Steel is a story of identity, familial relationships, and the possibilities of our future.

Concept Art